(as a main course £2 extra)

Involtini di Salmone  – £17.00
Rolled smoked salmon filled with marinated crab meat

Seppie e Gamberoni all’Olio e Limone – £15.00
Cold baby cuttlefish and prawns on a bed of spinach

 Insalata della Casa- £9.50
Salad of radicchio and rocket with parmesan cheese and crispy bacon

Funghi e Capesante – £17.00
Sea scallops sautéed with mushrooms on a bed of rocket

Prosciutto ai Frutti di Stagione – £16.00
Parma ham served with fruit of the season

Bresaola al Crudo – £14.50
Marinated wind-dried beef served with raw tomato, rucola, basil and olive oil

Melanzane alla Parmigiana – £10.50
Baked aubergine with tomato and mozzarella

Mozzarella in Carrozza – £8.50
Deep-fried mozzarella with a spicy tomato sauce

Ortaggi alla Brace – £14.50
Charcoal grilled vegetables marinated in olive oil and herbs

Carpaccio di Manzo – £18.00
Raw fillet steak served as you like

Carpaccio di Pesce – £18.00
Marinated raw salmon and sea bass

Minestrone Campagnolo – £9.00
Fresh vegetable soup

Pasta e Fagioli – £9.00
Thick bean soup with pasta

Linguine ai Frutti di Mare – £23.50
Fresh noodles with mixed seafood and a splash of tomato, lightly spicy

Tagliolini Verdi Gratinati – £16.00
Green noodles baked with ham, cream and parmesan cheese

Penne Rustiche – £14.50
Macaroni sautéed with wild boar sausage and aubergine in a spicy tomato sauce

Spaghettini a Piacere – from £12.50
Spaghetti with a sauce of your choice

Fettuccine alle Capesante – £19.00
Fresh noodles sautéed with a sauce of scallops and baby artichokes

Gnocchi al Ragù di Lepre – £16.00
Potato dumplings with a ragoût of wild rabbit

Lasagne al Forno – £14.50
Traditional baked lasagne

Pansotti al Zafferano – £14.50
Pasta filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, sautéed in butter, sage and saffron

Taglierini Tartufate – £18.00
Fresh noodles sautéed with wild mushrooms, courgettes, saffron and truffle olive oil

Tris di Pasta – £19.50
Chef’s choice of three different types of pasta

Risotto del Giorno – £18.50
Risotto of the day

 Crostini e Polente Al Tuo Gusto – from £8.50

Pollo Ziani – £23.50
Breast of chicken stuffed with mozzarella, salami and mushrooms

Scaloppine del Giorno – £22.00
Veal escalope of the day

Coteletta alla Milanese £25.50
Veal cutlet in breadcrumbs

Fegato alla Veneziana – £26.00
Thin strips of calf’s liver cooked with onions and red wine

Fritto Misto di Frattaglie – £28.00
Selection of fried liver, kidneys and sweetbreads

Costata di Manzo – £36.00
Charcoal grilled forerib of beef

Salsiccie di Cinghiale con Funghi – £23.00
Wild boar sausage cooked in wild mushrooms and wine served with polenta

Agnello alle Acciughe – £27.00
Best end of lamb sautéed with anchovies, garlic and herbs

Gamberoni al Dragoncello – £24.00
Prawns cooked in olive oil, garlic and tarragon

Calamari Fritti – £23.00
Deep-fried squid served with crispy spinach

Spigola al Cartoccio – £25.00
Sea bass baked in foil with garlic and a spring of thyme

Orata alla Menta – £25.00
Charcoal grilled sea bream served with a mint sauce

Grigliata Mista di Pesce – £25.00
Charcoal grilled selection of fish

Zuppa di Pesce Casalinga – £26.00
Traditional fish soup with white wine, herbs and tomato

Coda di Rospo alla Graticola – £27.00
Charcoal grilled monk fish

Calamaretti della Nonna – £23.00
Baby squid in a spicy tomato sauce with peas served with polenta

Zucchini Fritti – £4.50
Fried courgettes

Mangetout – £3.50
Snow peas

Spinaci Freschi – £4.00
Fresh spinach

Legumi del Giorno – £5.50
Vegetables of the day

Insalate Varie – from £5.00
Choice of fresh salads

Panna Cotta – £7.50
Baked cream served with puréed fruits

Tirami Su – £7.50
Traditional Venetian dessert

Mousse al Cioccolato – £8.00
Chocolate mousse

Creppe Ziani – £10.00
Pancakes filled with mascarpone cream topped with crushed almond biscuits and Tia Maria

Arance Caramellate – £9.00
Oranges soaked in Grand Marnier and caramel

Bigne al Cioccolato – £7.50
Profiteroles filled with chocolate and served with home-made cream sauce

Ciliege con Gelato – £8.00
Black cherries served with ice cream

Dolce della Casa – £7.50
House dessert of the day

Crème Caramel – £7.50
Cream caramel

Frutti del Bosco – £9.00
Mixed seasonal berries

Gelati o Sorbetti – £7.50
Ice creams or sorbets

Sgroppino – £11.00
Sorbet whipped with champagne and a touch of vodka

Formaggi – £10.00
Choice of Italian cheeses

Vin Santo – £9.00
Dessert wine served with cantuccini biscuits

 Caffe o Tisane – from £3.00


Some dishes contain nuts and may contain shell fragments. If you have any allergies or special dietary requirements please let us know. Cover charge £2.00 Prices include VAT Discretionary service charge of 12.5% added. Cheques are not accepted.

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